Fish Farming Advisory

Trust us to give you the best Fish Farming Advisory to help you grow your mind and your business.

Southern Africa Youth Business provides Fish Farming Advisory to fish farmers across the globe.

We make ourselves available on Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp Video and other channels where you can ask questions, request studies, notes and get reports on previous studies.

Our business Advisory includes

  • Weekly to Monthly question and answer sessions: We meet you, you set goals, you report back. We measure
  • Coaching and Mentoring Session: We ask you questions and you set tasks of the things you will do in our absence. You report back with what you did.
  • Advisory: We advice you and keep you up to date with the trends. This helps you stay up on the game.
  • Business Planning: We advice in documenting your business into a model that can used for resource and investment mobilization.
  • Research Study: We will conduct a study on your behalf in your country on how you can be competitive and how you can improve.
  • WhatsApp Support: When things go right or wrong we are a text away to support you.

The Fish Farming Advisory is offered on a structured monthly or per session fee.

Our advisors are available per appointment and priority support is available 24 hours for international and local clients.

To get Fish Farming Advisory send an email to or send a WhatsApp to +27843137407

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