Meet Maggie Moteno she participates in entrepreneurship

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Like Nicholas, Maggie is another one of our Enterprise Society and Coda Dojo member, the program has worked wonders for her too, considering the fact that she’s a young residing in .  Our program has helped her become one of the most reputable and respected person within her club, and her .

The Skills that Maggie gained through the YES Club and Coda Dojo have contributed a lot towards her self-confidence, public speaking skills, and she has also developed good leadership skills which has led to her becoming a disciplined learner who takes initiative to get things done.

Maggie amazed the audience at the graduation ceremony as she delivered a presentation about an online students portal app that she has begun developing and the amazing part of this is that it help learners in schools mainly those in underprivileged schools by providing an online platform where learners will get access to learners support material and furthermore the learners will be able to share information and exchange effective tools of studying.

She concluded in saying that “ As a young lady I knew from the beginning that an opportunity like this only comes ones and It’s only a few out of many that would grab, either way I’m happy to be one of the few that indeed grabbed it. I would like to thank Southern Youth Project, Accenture as well as the SEVISSA program for giving me this opportunity.

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