SayPro Educational Support Program for the Girl child

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Educational Support Program for the Girl child

Time has passed and school curriculums have also changed, but school dropouts have continued to increase in rapid numbers. This calls for new methods of teaching and the instruction of the extramural program to help to learn interesting for learners in schools.

SayPro introduced a school support program aimed at identifying and developing leaners in high school to pass high school with outstanding results. The program entails Human Rights and GBV prevention sessions as well as entrepreneurial modules to help the youth cope with social ills within their schools and around their communities.  The purpose of the program is to nurture creative leaners from Diepsloot with fundamental entrepreneurial skills that will not only enhance their knowledge in entrepreneurship but also inspire them to effectively establish and run their income-generating initiatives without relying on anyone.

SayPro has worked with three high schools within Diepsloot namely Rabasotho Combined, Itirele Comprehensive School, and Dieplsoot Sec NO: 3. Providing school learners with skills on how to prevent abuse, bullying, sexual harassment Gender-Based Violence incidents taking place within their schools and communities.  We also provided entrepreneurial modules in line with the commercial subject where young people developed different business skills from; Idea Generation, Market Research, Product Development as well as Bookkeeping.

SayPro ran the program for five years providing targeting school learners from Grade 8-11, providing a platform for them to engage in social initiatives and empowerment campaigns to ensure safety and increase academic performance, their initiatives included advocacy campaigns where they promoted young girls in a leadership position within Learner Representative Committees and social clubs.

The entrepreneurship program was also inclusive of hosting quarterly Business Seminars, where they display products that they developed during weekly meetings. They would invite their peers and parents to their seminars and would sell products, taking into consideration profit and accountability. This was done after learners had attended training and developments – How to start my business – How to manage my business – Grow my business – Business plan writing and Marketing Strategies – Computer Skills – Financial Management – Business networking events and presentations.

Our entrepreneurship program learners Participated in a national school entrepreneurship competition where two schools Rabasotho Combined and Itirele Zenzele won cash prizes of R10 000 and R20 000 competing with more than 20 schools the other eight provinces.

Upon completion of their competencies and projects, they received real-life experience in how to run a business as well as Business communication skills, leadership skills, and a range of soft development skills.  The program in school has also helped in reducing teen pregnancy and the use of substance abuse by youth in school.  SayPro Empowered Youth with positive mind-sets to use technology at their advancement to create jobs thus Reduction of youth vulnerability. They have also been equipped with skills on how to make the right career choices and which subjects they need to career such as IT specialists, Accountancy.

Our Youth hosted social initiatives to raise awareness and give back to the community, assisting ECD and cleaning the community to raise awareness about the importance of keeping the environment clean.

Two of the schools that we work with were issued with certificates for participating in the development of a National School Human Rights Program and SayPro entrepreneurship Youth participated in developing the animation tool. The Youth from the three schools, Rabasotho Combined, Itirele Zenzele, and Diepsloot Secondary 3 hosted social initiative to assist and give back to the community. This is how we support schools to produce an innovative member of SayPro community.