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SayPro Southern Africa Youth Project has a special Donor Relations Unit which provides support to donors and their giving.

Southern Africa Youth Project established its Donor Relations Unit which has the following responsibilities.

  • To manage the grant or sponsorship opportunities.
  • Liaise with donors and partners on their special projects.
  • Reporting to donors on their giving.
  • Inviting donors to see and meet the people they are supporting.
  • Connecting contributions to a child or youth.
  • Establishment and maintenance of current partnerships.
  • Communicating on social media and online platforms on the impact the organisation is making.
  • Working with partners on any ideas they have for both Youth and community development.
  • Southern Africa Youth Project also operates 100% online. We work in all cities providing online services and Youth empowerment to address Youth unemployment.
    To partner with us send us an email to or call us directly from our website using the contact button.