Do employers also have a right?

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One of the key questions employers who absorbs our into their companies ask us. Do they also have a right to get rid of employees?

Almost everyday we place more than 4 youth into jobs. However, the turnover rate at our small and large retail is shocking.

We place 4 and 3 could be leaving jobs before the end of 3 months. Employers either gets a 1 day after pay notice or they either have to investigate.

Bomb the employee does not answer the phone. Then the employer will have to decide if whether to replace immediately or what next to do.

So employers have asked us as this affect our relationship. Should we also do the same to our employees. When she arrives in the morning. We tell her it’s over. You do not wok with us.

As for employees can run to CCMA but for employees where do they go?

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