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SayPro work in Digital Services Marketing, Communication and Mobilisation

  • SayPro, on behalf of SAT, will be able to manage all the digital services, marketing, communication, and Mobilisation of individuals to join the university, college, organisation or business  media pages. Our role is to tailor-make content that will be attractive to the users and communicate with university, college, organisation or business.
  • Research on Potential partners in countries: SayPro will conduct research and produce a list of potential social media, government, non-profit organisations, and individual partners, including their roles and proposals thereof of how they can contribute to the dissemination of the Project and awareness in social media and digitalisation.
  • Hosting of Local organisations sessions and conversations: SayPro will host formal and informal meetings and conversations with organisations and influencers on the aim of SRHR. SayPro will hold meetings on Teams or Zoom, or WhatsApp to accommodate different contexts. All buy-ins to the Project shall be recorded and shortlisted.
  • Font End Poster Design for Facebook Cover Pages, Websites, Campaigns, and other Social Media Channels: SayPro will conduct multiple posters with a specific focus on different Social Media Groups and Pages. These posters will be used throughout to implement the Social Media Management Campaigns and influence. Written scripts shall accompany these posters.
  • Design of Email Campaigns to be sent out to network and potential organisations: SayPro will design email campaigns sent out as per the online policy or required period of sending emails. These emails will be tailor-made to the different users as per the platforms. These emails will include links to videos, pages, and posters which important information.
  • Sharing of Campaigns and Posters to potential campaigners: SayPro will host periodic campaigns which influence our targets to reach young people and adults in target countries. These campaigns will enable us to track the usage and the response of our clients.
  • Front End Basic Posters: SayPro will create attractive and informative posters that users will access as they join pages, including the content development above.
  • Publishing of campaigns and influencer marketing:
  • Shareable Content Design: SayPro will design content which different users will be able to share to their networks, and this content
  • Video Content (Gifs & Short Video): SayPro will create videos in all social media to influence the message to be heard in different languages and cultures. The videos will also include

SayPro activities in Digital Services Marketing, Communication and Mobilisation

  • Number of Posters developed.
  • Number of Campaigns written.
  • The number of Articles and Posters developed.
  • The number of influencer organisations and partners interested.

The number of Social Media Pages was amended, edited, and created

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