Depression And Anxiety

We deal and address Anxiety amongst the Youth and women

Depression and anxiety do exist; they are not always discussed as they are regarded as modern issues. 

Depression is a change of mood swings; it can lead to mental and physical issues. However, anxiety is a fear or worry about everyday situations; it can cause you to sweat or feel tired. 

It is not simple for people to be aware that they are struggling and admit that they need help.

Multi-Cultural Group Of Men And Women At Mental Health Group Therapy Meeting

Partner with Southern Africa Youth Project to address Depression and Anxiety by sending an email to or call + 27 11 071 1903

Steps To Dealing With Depression And Anxiety

Steps To Dealing With Depression And Anxiety

Facing and dealing with depression and anxiety does not mean a person is weak; it shows that a person has the courage to realise their problems and try to find a solution.

Identify Your Problem

Once you have admitted that you have a problem, it then becomes easy for you to be able to focus on what could be the problem and on how it affects you.

Admit You Have A Problem

Accepting that you have issues will assist you into believing the truth and to be able to identify what might be the cause and trigger of your anxiety or depression.

Seek help

Immediately when you have admitted and identified that you have anxiety or depression, You have to seek help. There are a lot of support groups and meetings into assisting depressed people. Organisations such as Southern Africa has partnered with Anxiety and depression groups to assist the youth in fighting depression and preventing suicide at a young age.

Try Opening Up

Opening up about your fears and what seems to be bothering, you will help you to be able to control your issues. It would be best if you told someone you trust, or at times a dairy can be used for depressed people to write down their issues or feelings on a dairy. That assists in helping them feel less pressure and burden without being judged.

Try Something New

Being occupied can also assist you in solving your emotions. Having daily tasks or work to do can assist in shifting your mind into thinking too much. For example, try a new hobby, read a book or start joining a jogging team so that you do not have a lot to think about.

It is important to be aware and to take care of your well being and health. That does not only relate to exercising and eating healthy, but it also has to do with your emotional and physical state. Young people often find it hard to admit that they might be struggling mentally and emotionally, but they are afraid to show it because it is a sign of weakness to their loved ones or society.

Usually bottling things up or not having someone to talk to can also affect young people and cause them to have self-doubt and suicidal thoughts

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