Construction of Aquaculture Fish Farming System

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Contour Pond

Why do you want to do Aquaculture and Fish Farming System for personal use or commercialisation?

The question we ask you is:

It is very important for you as an Aquaculture Fish Farmer to understand whether you want to do this for personal or business.

For personal use, you need to be patient as an individual. As fish farming has its ups and downs. If you need to fish for personal use you must wait patiently for a few years before you can get the results you are looking for.

For business use you must ensure that you consider things such as the location, size of the pond you will built, who will install it for you, the water availability.

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For both at the beginning, you need to understand that water evaporates. So the area where your fish will be must-have water.

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Land: If you want to build a pond for personal use and business. It is okay to use your backyard. However you must ensure that the area will be permanently used for fish farming. As when you build the pond today. It will be there forever.

You need to think of the demand. If you are supplying the local store or many people in your area.

Are you going to support them forever? What happens if they call their friends to come and buy from you.

Will you still be able to support them.

  • At Southern Africa Youth Business we offer consulting services in terms of land surveys and advisory. Speak to us.
  • Water: Fishes needs water that has been purified or it is natural such as rain or borehole.

Neftaly Malatjie had the worst experience when he bought fishes and put them in a bucket full of municipality water.

He was shocked when he came 2 hours later all the fishes were dead.

He called the store to inform them his fishes were dead.

They told him to buy some liquid he never understood what they referred to.

If you will be using municipality water you need to understand that the bill depending on the size of the water you will use.

At Southern Africa Youth Academy we offer a 5-day training on Aquaculture Fish Farming where you learn how to farm practically.

Construction: When building ponds it is most important that you use the correct sizes of equipment to ensure that you do it right from the beginning.

When constructing Aquaculture Fish Farming system you need to use the correct water pump, cement, bricks, wall size, water filter, water heater and the location.

  • Building the Pond: It is important that the floor layout will be able to allow the flow of the water, pipes are installed prior to building.
  • Plaster should be applied: It is important to plaster the walls prior to applying the pond cement. As this will help in preventing lots of water leaks.
  • Pond Cement: Should be used appropriately using the correct size for the installation.
  • Drainage: As there will be water cycles drainages must be installed properly. They must be hidden.

There is nothing irritating like a pond with pipes hanging inside. Like most in YouTube Videos.

Water Pump: Neftaly Malatjie advices that your water pump needs to be a correct size for your pond.

He installed a 0.75 pump in a 15 000 liter pond. The water pumped so slow and it was irritating as there was not enough circulation.

Water Filter: The water filter you will use needs to be an appropriate size for your pond. Therefore we urge all fish farmers to ensure that they use the correct size to ensure cleaning and correct filtering.

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