CEO Report 2017

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As the founder of SayPro

I would like to send SayPro most profound appreciation and gratitude to: 

The youth who participated in SayPro programs have shown massive support by participating, giving feedback, contributing voluntarily to the ongoing work that SayPro has.

We have seen them giving their time by doing SayPro administration, data management, programs coordination.

I was shocked to see that some are facilitating SayPro programs.

Amazingly, the youth we work with are not children but adults who are innovative, creative and have a different opinion on how we can make an impact.

The board who guided SayPro in time of need. We have had a rough time where the council gave SayPro pressure to be a technology-based. They requested SayPro to innovate.

They asked lots of questions on the work that we are doing.

The made SayPro think out of the box. They asked SayPro what are we doing, do we have sufficient proof of what we are doing.

I can suggest that we are 80% there.

There is still a lot that needs to be achieved to answer all the questions SayPro board is asking.

The staff who worked tirelessly under pressure to achieve the mission of the organisation.

There was a moment where the team celebrated that they are done.

To their surprise, I went back to them, requesting them to correct, add, fix what they thought they were done.

However, they have shown commitment by correcting all the errors that were found.

I am so proud of them.
The parents and families who supported SayPro youth to come and participate in SayPro programs.

We believe in family strengthening. Parents have supported SayPro beneficiaries where I would even receive calls directly from them, requiring clarity and support.

You the donor who trusted SayPro vision by contributing what you can.

The organisation has created jobs, supported families, empowering the youth, and we are achieving the objectives of the organisation over time.

I thank all of you.

Neftaly Malatjie

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