If you think your partner may sometimes be mentally ill read this

In life, we are matched naturally and accidents happen when two people with separate characteristics meet. Well, they may not be well indeed. Imagine you married someone who has the same character as yours? Will you still be together? Will you stand that person of your character? Your partner is mentally well. The problem is […]

I have graduated in all SayPro programmes

I’m Patricia Tsebe 29 years from Limpopo I joined Southern Africa youth project in January 2014. I have learnt personal development, goals setting, self awareness, life skills and CV writing not forgetting entrepreneurship at Southern Africa Youth Project I have graduated in all programmes. I came to be a volunteer for 2 years as a […]

Now I am a professional Accountant because of SayPro

Mulalo Mavhungu – Financial Manager Southern Africa Youth Project I’m so greatly thankful, I would like to express my sincerest appreciation to Southern Africa Youth Project. Now I am a professional Accountant because of your consultation and knowledge that you gave me. You have advanced my career and I wish you will do something to […]

Why do you fear someone who hurts you at work ?

If this topic speaks to you. Why do you fear someone who hurts you at work ?. Many people in the world do not trust themselves. I am one of them. I hope you did not say me too. Before we proceed please make a donation to Southern Africa Youth Project now using your bank […]

Stop limiting yourself if you want to grow

If you really want to grow you must stop limiting yourself Do you have that big idea that you want to introduce or focus on but you are limiting yourself? Well, we all have been there. You have this colleague or a friend whom every time you tell them your dream. They make you scratch […]

Did you lose or just lost your job ?

Read this slowly. Do you remember that people die, there are accidents on the road, do you remember your favourite shop that is no longer there today. Do you remember you no longer have the clothes you used to wear? One day there was this best musician. He received lots of awards and trophies. The […]

I am feeling jealous of my colleague

Is there someone who makes your heart beat fast. There is something you like about that person but there is another part in you that says. You hate him or her. Well, you have a problem. You may be developing a silent

When you hire new talents build new traditions

One thing I have learnt is that what worked in 2000 will not work in 2027. I have a heard a company say this has always been our tradition. Since 1905 we have been doing this. Why hire young people to be part of your management but you still make them read old books with […]

Are you working from home yet ?

The new era has now began. Where you have to work from home and take care of your children and grand children Ho ho ho. Not the christmas one. For generations children have been raised by maids because their parents had endless travel meetings. Now maids will have to do the domestic work whilst you […]

Are your workers scared of you ?

You may be a supervisor, manager, director or an owner. If people are scared of you. You have a problem. Think of a lion everyone is scared of it. For what reasons. It is because it is scary. It bites. It will eat you. It will kill you. No one wants to get close to […]

Are you angry then you realise you were wrong ?

Have you ever been angry at someone that you responded somehow or have you ever shouted at someone and you realised you were wrong? Exactly, in every 10 people 9 does that. For no reason you just feel exhausted to the level that when someone comes close to you. Or if they did something wrong […]

Why do you get tired when you have to focus ?

This is one of the most difficult thing to do for many young people. You may have that one friend who tells you ‘let us go out and relax our minds’ than the one who would say ‘I will wait here for you to finsih’ Where are those friends who are going to give us […]