Capacity Building of Small Medium Businesses

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SayPro Group has extensive knowledge in the Capacity Building of Small-Medium Businesses in Africa.

Combining SayPro and its staff experiences, we are proud to announce that we have more than 50 years of experience in the Capacity Building of Small-Medium Businesses.

SayPro role in the Capacity Building of Small-Medium Businesses

  • Training of Small to Medium Businesses on Business Management Skills, Financial Management and Online Marketing Skills.
  • Provision of coaching, mentorship, advisory and support services to businesses.
  • Provision of client referral services.
  • Provision of Advertising, Marketing and Online Social Media Management Services on their behalf.
  • Provision of Consulting on Key Strategic Areas or Key Weaknesses of Small to Medium Businesses.

Our Capacity Building of Small Medium Enterprises Includes:

  • Website Development: Gone are the days when you run a business on pamphlets and brochures. When people want services close to their hearts,  they go to the internet to search for SayPro brand. SayPro will train you on the skills you need to ensure that you sell your brand online and attract ranking customers and generate your income.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social Media has attracted a lot of attention from many users. They are your potential customers. SayPro will train you and your team on the skills you need to ensure that you get the results you need from using social media websites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and others.
  • Business Expansion: Taking your business to the next level, whether adding new products, launching a new branch or extending your online offering locations. SayPro will be able to provide you with the necessary skills to help you understand expansion options together with the risks associated. Then you will be able to make the right decision or postpone the decision to minimise the risks associated with business expansion.
  • Business Marketing: This can be traumatising as there are lots of options to consider. SayPro will tailor business marketing skills for you and your team to learn how to sell yourself from your office and other methods as included in SayPro training.
  • Online Marketing: Online marketing does not include social media and business marketing. There are other tools to consider when you want to market your brand online. These are the tested methods that will enable you to generate customers whilst you sleep, and for you to make money without talking to clients SayPro has designed a robust curriculum on this to allow you to learn how to do online marketing hassle-free
  • Financial Management: It is stressing many entrepreneurs to see their money coming in and going and not knowing that a tax man is watching how you are spending and not paying your tax. Also, are you paying your employees to pay as you earn taxes SayPro has tailor-made robust, not accounting? Still, a financial management programme that enables you and your staff to set up a proper accounting department or division to ensure that you minimise the risk of losing money, not paying tax and your company te in trouble.
  • Human Management and Freelancers Outsourcing: Hiring full time and part-time staff is a traumatising process. Considering that you will have to monitor if they are delivering the results you need. Also, thinking about looking for part-time skills can be costly and not be giving you the results you need. SayPro has tailor-made a curriculum that will provide you with the skills required to manage, monitor and review your office, homeworking freelancers and employees.
  • Communication: SayPro can train you and your team on communication skills required to perform your duties and responsibilities better
  • eCommerce: If you are going to expand and sell your products online. SayPro has a tailor-made programme that will give you the necessary skills to sell your products and services online.

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