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SayPro Academy plays a significant role in the Capacity Building of Staff at various institutions.

It has always been said that staff that are paid well, getting incentives such as staff capacity building and training are more likely to stay and grow the company, government department or the brand.

Capacity Building of Staff does not only keep the staff but also ensures that the staff are up to date, informed and know what needs to be done.

Are you worried about the following:

  • There is a disconnection between your staff: You feel that your team are working like enemies and competing in your company or department.
  • Lots of Complaints and Conflicts: You find that in many cases your staff are complaining about each other, there is consistent blame and people are pointing fingers at each other.
  • Staff not achieving goals: You have noticed that they do not complete the tasks you have given them and do not take ownership.
  • Staff are not contributing: You have noticed that when you have meetings, no one says anything. They listen and go out of the meeting.
  • Staff is not productive: You can see them being present but cannot see their contribution.

SayPro Academy can tailor-make training programmes and activities that will enable your team to raise out their concerns and be able to advise you on what the challenges are.

SayPro Academy plays a significant role in reunifying employees and can also advise on what and who the problem is to solve the issue before it destroys the whole floor.

SayPro Academy can offer training as follows:

  • Hosting Team Building activities: Your team needs to share their challenges, problems, and expectations are. SayPro Academy takes them out of their office to a place where they can connect and learn from each other.
  • Hosting of Staff Camp and activities: Camps plays a significant role as this is where you give your team a chance to be youthful, to play and to engage further. Staff camps enable them to view each other differently. As an employer, you understand that these people are a family and realise that they play.
  • Hosting of Staff events and conferences: A company that hosts a party, event, meeting and fun activities will be the company to be remembered for generations by the youth. People need to relax, engage and talk to each other. SayPro Academy hosts staff conferences and events on behalf of companies and government institutions.
  • Tailor-made Training: Instead of your staff going to a Generic Training, we sit with you to understand your challenges. SayPro is powerful in tailoring training programmes specifically for a specific area of concern or improvement.
  • Leadership Support: Our role in coaching and mentorship enables SayPro to give your senior to junior management leadership skills. SayPro Academy activates the leadership in each of your staff members. You are helping them discover their weaknesses and strength to stand out from the crowd.
  • Work Readiness Programmes and Activities: If you have a team that is their first time entering the working environment, SayPro Academy can tailor-make a work readiness programme that will enable them to learn and understand how the working environment is.
  • Departmental Training: SayPro Academy conducts routine Departmental training, enabling the department staff to learn critical and related skills to perform better within their division.
  • Life Skills and Soft Skills Training: SayPro Academy provides a wide range of soft skills which enables your staff to solve home and work issues. We focus on their minds giving them a chance to reflect on unresolved issues.
  • SayPro is powerful in tailoring training programmes specifically for a specific area of concern or improvement
  • Instead of your staff going to a Generic Training, we sit with you to understand your challenge
  • One critical strategic performance area of the SayPro is to provide training to floor staff, supervisors, junior management, senior management, executives and the board.

Would you please speak to SayPro about Capacity Building of Staff

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