SayPro Business Membership Registration Form

Partner or Contact SayPro by sending us an email at or call us at + 27 84 313 7407

SayPro provides business services through SayPro membership subscription process.

SayPro Group through its business division launched a membership program in 2019 to give businesses access to SayPro services so that they can replicate them amongst their communities, cities, townships, and rural areas.

In order for clients to become members, they have to register through SayPro Electronic Membership Registration form at

The Business Membership Registration Form serves as a tool for registering and capturing transactional information such as contact information, member details, and payment fees for individuals and businesses that are willing to partner with SayPro. It also offers an opportunity for SayPro to know a detailed profile that explains you and the services your providing.

Every Business and individuals that complete the business membership form automatically becomes a member of the SayPro. The business membership fee is at the cost of R 999. 99 and it last for 12 months ( one year).

Partner with SayPro by Sending an email to or call SayPro at +2711 071 1903 

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