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Arts, Culture and Heritage


Our Expertise & Services

Southern Africa Youth Project provides arts, culture and recreation services to adolescent girls and young women in cities, townships and rural areas.

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Youth Dance Festivals

Southern Africa Youth Project provides cultural dance festival which invites different groups of  young people with different genres. The festival are both traditional and modern.

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Youth Cultural Exchanges

Southern Africa Youth Project places its heart on bringing young people together. We provide linakge between two or more countries, cultures, regions and districts to share different skills and knowledge

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Youth Dialogue and Exchange

Promoting young people to lead Southern Africa Youth Project facilitates dialogues and conversations through research, formal and non-formal conversations where they share experiences.

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Community Arts Projects

Southern Africa Youth Project through its community centers provides arts and cultural activities on a daily basis to keep young people engages, empowered and participate in different activities.

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Afternoon Care Program

Southern Africa Youth Project through its network of centers provides after care programme where young girls come to attend activities. We also provide nutritious meals to ensure that they are protected and kept healthy

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Arts, Culture and Heritage Sector Capacity Building

Southern Africa Youth Project provides capacity building to youth leaders where we provide them with a wide range of skills to enable them to manage their organisations to be sustainable

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School Arts Programmes

Southern Africa  Youth Project in partnership with the local schools and education departments provides arts and culture programmes to enable young people to learn, engage and participate in competitions whilst we keep them in school.

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Arts, Culture and Heritage Exhibition

Southern Africa Youth Project works with provides a space for young people to exhibit, sell their products and present their talents, skills and products to a wider audience. We work with multiple countries.

Our Work

Southern Africa Youth project provides arts, cultural and heritage to the youth in cities, townships and rural areas. We provide a space and opportunities for them to exhibit in front of masses in areas.


In Southern Africa young people have different artistic and cultural talents. This includes organic traditional cultures, heritage, different cultures. It is Southern Africa Youth Project’s responsibility to ensure that we create a consistency and to replicate arts activities for young people in cities, townships and rural areas.


Meet Our Programmes Experts

Southern Africa Youth Project holds over 16 years of community development from 2015

Southern Africa Youth Project Clifford Legodi 1
Clifford Legodi

General Manager

Southern Africa Youth Project Linah Ralepelle 1
Linah Ralepelle

Programmes Manager

Southern Africa youth Project Mulalo Mavhungu 1
Mulalo Mavhungu

Finance Manager