Online Exhibition

The Fight To Freedom: 1976 Soweto Uprisings This exhibition is an attempt to help remember South Africa’s shift from apartheid to democracy through the 1976 youth demonstrations across the country. In apartheid South Africa, separate educational system existed for black students and white students. Inevitably the students of 1976 took it upon themselves to fight-> … Read more

Community Arts Projects

Our Community Arts Projects keeps young people engaged and hopeful about their future Southern Africa Youth Project manages and runs Community Arts Projects in over 1 000 Community Centers.  Our work includes: Pottery, Craftworks and Designs. Graphic Design and Web Development. Dance, Theatre and Poetry. Community Dance Festivals and Campaigns. Events Management and Coordination. To … Read more

Youth Dialogue and Exchange

Using Youth Dialogue and Exchange to empower, learn and find solutions Southern Africa Youth Project is a leading and innovative youth development organisation. Our interest is to ensure that young peoples voices are heard, listened to and they are engaged in the implementation of the ideas. Our work in Youth Dialogue and Exchange includes: Facilitation … Read more

Afternoon Care Program

A child who grew up at an Afternoon Care Program performs better in life than a child who did not. Southern Africa Youth Project with its 1 Million clients across 500 non-profit organizations provides afternoon care programs offering over 50 programmes daily. We cannot do this without the support, contribution and funding from our generous … Read more

We hosted 4 continents on youth employment and cultural exchanges

We hosted 4 continents on youth employment and cultural exchanges In partnership with the European Union Erasmus+ Southern Africa Youth Project hosted Lithuania, Peru and Vietnam in Johannesburg, South Africa. One of the key strength of Southern Africa Youth Project is to work in collaboration with like minded people and organisations which we share similar … Read more

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