Aquaponic Fish Farming

Aquaponics Fish Farming

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Our Expertise & Services

Southern Africa Youth Project provides Aquaponics Fish Farming services to adolescent girls and young women in cities, townships and rural areas.

Fish Farming Education

Southern Africa Youth Project provides Fish Farming skills to young people enabling them to start their own fish farming businesses which they will be able to sell and breed more fishes for their communities and countries.

Fish Breeding

Southern Africa Youth Project grows fishes from fingerlings to fishes ready for selling and re-breeding again. We provides fish products to Zoos, faith-based organisations, non-profit organisations, companies, and governments for their consumption and feeding programs.

Supply of Fish Products

Southern Africa Youth Project supplies fish farmers with feed for fishes for consumption, fishes for breeding and for fishes for decoration. We also facilitate the sale of organic bred fishes too small to medium businesses in Southern Africa. The fishes are sold as alive and for feeding schemes and consumption.

Mozambique Tilapia


Mayan Cichlid Tilapia


Sparmanii Vlie Kurper


Tilapia Rendalli


Our Work

Southern Africa Youth project provides aquaponics fish farming to the local entrepreneurs and community based organisations to fight hunger and provide nutrition for the entire society


Dams and oceans have lost lots fishes due to over fishing and water pollution that has led to short supply of fishes and increased cost of food. When food supply is very short it means the poor will have difficulty to obtain basic meal. Southern Africa Youth Project is addressing this by establishing fish farming ponds in cities and rural areas to meet the demands and also creating jobs for the youth.

Meet Our Programmes Experts

Southern Africa Youth Project holds over 16 years of community development from 2015

Neftaly Malatjie

Chief Executive Officer

Tsakani Rikhotso

Monitoring and Evaluation Manager

Mulalo Mavhungu

Finance Manager

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