Annual Report 2020

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Operating Highlights

The entire world was shocked with outbreak of COVID-19, within the last months of the financial year 2020/21. The outbreak of this rapidly speading virus worsened some of the existing socio-economic issues that were faced with young people globally. Issues of Unemplyement, Poverty, Crime, Dieseases and HIV/AIDS. Ou of these problem unemployed increased by more than 50% within the first 6 months of COVID-19 which led to the closing of businesses, comapansies, schools, NGOs and education facilities which menat that employees were no longer required to report for work.

Southern Africay Youth Project has worked  in collaboration with government agencies (department of higher education and training), NGOs serving young people, large corporations and businesses, recruitment agencies, and local communities to promote inclusive economic empowerment (access into vocational training, completion and transition into the job market) for unemployed and unskilled young people through SayPro ICT-based Work and Life readiness and opportunity placement model.

Our journey for 2020/21 was challenging and yet good because we had time to work on tfianclising the launching SayPro online training academy that has enabled SayPro to continue providing training and skills for unemployed youth within and beyond the borders o f South Africa.

The launch of the academy has enabled the organization to expand its scope and increase its reach to areas that we did not cover, when we had

Southern Africay Youth Project is guided by policies and procedures in implementing projects and we host continuos staff development programs to ensure capacity in the overall management of projects.

I herwith extend my deepest gratitude to SayPro staff, partners and beneficiaries for their tireless efforts  and support in contributing towards SayPro vision of “changing the way the youth think about themselves”.

Clifford Legodi: General Manager SayPro

SayPro is a proud divison of SayPro Group that works in collaboration with SayAcademy, SayBusiness, SayJobs, SaySchool and Diepsloot Youh Project.

Our OBjectives

Problems on Youth unemployment: At SayPro we work with adolescent girls and young women aged 15 – 27 who are staying in rural areas, are migrants from rural areas to townships near the city of Johannesburg, Cape Town, Buffalo City, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Grahams town, Rustenburg, Polokwane, Pretoria and Nelspruit upon their arrival in townships, they find themselves in a pressure to find employment within a short space of time. Youth unemployment puts pressure to these youth to support children, to pay rent, and for them to survive.

About 70% of these young women have completed secondary school grade 12. In those who have Grade 12, there is 95% of them who obtained a college admission, and 5% have received a university admission.

However, in these two who passed with college and university admission, only 15% can enter higher education. Within 15%, only 50% of the number will be able to complete and obtain a degree or diploma.

With employment, we have found out that in every 10 youth, only 4 gets work. In the 4, only 1 gets permanent employment. Five cannot keep jobs for over two years because of anger, dissatisfaction, behaviour, and demotivation.

Now with Covid19 and the economic recession, it means that young people will need to change how they behave at work; otherwise, they will face retrenchments at work.

Youth unemployment raises a need for SayPro to prepare young people for the new workforce and to prepare them to also work from home. If they get a chance to go to work they need to behave different, show certain skills, qualities and qualifications.

Through your support SayPro has managed to bridge the divide amongst individuals where now they have gained confidence, revamped their Curriculum Vitaes and they are now seeing things differently.

We are proud that we now operate online. So we can implement programmes with more than 100 000 youth from anywhere in South Africa.

SayPro bridges the gap between getting employment and being unemployed.

SayPro managed to implement the Awareness Programme, Advice and Referral, Life Skills, Work Readiness, HIV/AIDS prevention, Function in Business Environment, Bookkeeping, End-User Computing and System Support. SayPro through its SayPro serviced 1 081 Unemployed youth

SayPro managed to train in Article Writing, Website Management, Report writing, programmes uploading, program posting, website story posting, program posting, program editing, Microsoft teams training, financial management, policy review, data capturing, job posting, programme review, SEO, web monitoring, monitoring and evaluation, reporting training, UIF administration, UIF uploading, administration training, career coaching, photography and social entrepreneurship.

In overall SayPro training was focused a lot on training SayPro staff members to use the online tools.

Duringthis fanacial year SayPro conducted 20 programs and subtopics.

SayPro reached 39 capacity building sessions for the year 2020/21.

SayPro has exceeded the goal by other 20 Capacity building sessions.

SayPro is proud to announce that due to the launch of SayPro it enabled SayPro to continue implementing programs and empower the youth during level 1-3 lockdown. The system allowed beneficiaries to register for program online and telephonically and were able to complete them whilst they are at home.

SayPro managed to place 191 youth into jobs and further opportunities.

Migrating to online has helped SayPro continue work, and because SayPro services were accessed remotely, we have seen an increase in the number of beneficiaries that we reach every month.

We are proud to announce that SayPro managed to reach the target. Those who are employed can access SayPro programs and programmes. We have received a report that when they completing SayPro programmes it helps them. This has reduced the time taken to come access programmes at SayPro centre. Since we have established SayPro we enabled them to enrol for program online they can continue with their programmes from wherever they are.

SayPro tool has reduced SayPro administrative work of having to manually assess, capture and document clients performance, clients are able to get the results immediately after completing their programs. It also enables SayPro to report those who could not complete or have failed the program.

We are now able to track a client’s progress in real time, and this allows SayPro to identify areas of improvement for the client and make suitable recommendations.

It gives SayPro pleasure to also announce that since we have introduced the SayPro, people living with disabilities are also able to access SayPro service without worrying about getting to SayPro centre or being in a session where they fail to hear, understand, and actively participate because of their disability. So far we have more than 5 people with disabilities in SayPro Programmes

SayPro does not only cater for beneficiaries in need of skills development programs.

SayPro throughout its main branches implemented the advisory, referral and paralegal services to unemployed youth in townships, rural areas, and farms of Southern Africa.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, people’s daily challenges have become increasingly high, with the country going on level 5-1-3-2-4 lockdown. This meant that certain economic activities including those that help people in underprivileged communities earn a living and thrive had stop and people needed to find alternative ways to earn a living and unfortunately there was not much anyone could do.

The biggest challenges faced was the closing of schools, universities, businesses and loss of jobs due to the restrictions, businesses had to retrench their employees because they could not afford to pay them.

People need adjust to new methods of doing things and without enough resource in place, people suffered a lot for more than 9 months. Lockdown resulted in schools, businesses, churches closing for months and this affected more than 80% of people that did not have enough resources to access services such as E-learning, working remotely and conducting business online.

SayPro has found that youth aged 18 – 35 completing secondary school in 2020, only 20% of them will be able to further their studies with Technical Vocational, Education and Training Colleges and Universities and Universities of Technologies.

Those that complete secondary school and Further Education find themselves sitting at home SayPro managed to empower 1 049 beneficiaries

Challenges that we found during this 2020/21 Financial Year.

  • Increased domestic violence in within home of disadvantaged communities.
  • Increased unemployment and poverty due to job losses.
  • Stress and depression due to loss of jobs and low monthly income.
  • Increased school and university dropouts due to lack of access to E-learning.
  • Increased crime and corruption.
  • Lack of access to social services due to Lockdown regulations.

SayPro continued to provide information and assistance to people in need on the following.

  • Extensive development services which SayPro provides to the community.
  • Information on CBOs that help people with essential services during the lockdown.
  • Referral to other CBOs for psychosocial support.
  • Information on which businesses are most likely to succeed.
  • Availability of opportunities which they are exposed to.
  • Information on where to access social relief services such as food parcels to help them during the lockdown.
  • Valuable information for their gain or benefit
  • Online platforms where they can apply for jobs.

 Advice on:

  • Responding to Social challenges
  • The importance of enrolling on online programs.
  • Online job searches and applications, including online posts.
  • Extensive required and relevant information by employers

SayPro in partnership with the South African Police Services. The data presented shows that out of the 10 cases which are reported every hour, 7 of them are related to different forms of violence against vulnerable groups. Particularly women, children, and this number has increased within the last 6 months, and SayPro youth informs it during Gender-Based Violence and Human Rights awareness sessions. Perpetrators who mostly related to them and sometimes breadwinners victimize the people who rely on them.

Unemployment and Poverty are one of the contributing factors to abuse and violence within many households in Diepsloot and townships we serve. During this quarter SayPro conducted awareness and outreach

On HIV/AIDS prevention, key safety measures during lockdown as well Human Rights program.

We also hosted outreach program with beneficiaries where we had engagement of some the day-to-day issues that are faced by communities and possible solutions that could at least help them cope and develop positivity. During SayPro sessions we had discussions about these issues.

  • The effects on COVID-19 in ordinary lives.
  • Unequal power is still the common threat.
  • Attitude and Gender Issues and Culture and Beliefs differences
  • Uninformed victims of their human’ rights and Power relations
  • Unemployment and Poverty as well Access to drugs and alcohol

We also provided youth with the following:

  • Gender-Based Violence Awareness
  • Domestic Violence
  • Sexual Education on Violence and human rights
  • Gender-Based Violence Awareness
  • The effects of content by media
  • HIV and AIDS Protection and Adherence to antiretroviral treatment

SayPro has a help service button on SayPro portal, and it allows beneficiaries access to SayPro service consultants that are available to assist them with information, respond to their enquiries, helping them register and enrol for SayPro online programs. This method has been effective especially during lockdown and most needed information on how to access programs, where to go for social services as well as where and how to apply for jobs and the system assist SayPro in timeously responding to them and ensuring that they have the necessary information to help meet their desired goals.

SayPro managed to reach 299 through SayPro Psychosocial support awareness and outreach. With Lockdown and social distancing regulations more people were forced to spend time without work or learning.

We are proud to report that COVID-19 has also helped SayPro improve how we do things and creatively adapt to new methods of serving SayPro people without compromising quality.  One of SayPro beneficiaries visited the centre seeking psychosocial support and was referred to a social worker as SADAG. She is currently attending telephonic counselling and regaining control of her life.


SayPro registered and trained a total number of 269 beneficiaries in a Function in Business Environment program during the financial year 2020/21. The training was done online SayPro where clients registered and enrolled for the program and completed various topics related to methods of filing and principles of performing tasks within a working environment. We are pleased with the SayPro because we were able to reach 269 Beneficiaries in12 months and this is twice the number that we would normally reach in a period of 12 months. Clients continue to access this program from the comfort of their homes.

The program content has not change, the advantage is that clients are able to get to read through content and complete assessments on their own and at their own pace. The program covered the following modules.


  • Minimizes time wastages: If people do not understand the use of an equipment, they might waste productive time trying to study and understand the use of the equipment before use.
  • Breakdown due to wrong usages: If an equipment is used for the wrong purpose, it might be damaged.
  • Injury to the user: Using the wrong equipment to carry out a task can result in the user being injured.
  • Helps to identify malfunctioning: If people understand the function of an equipment, they can easily spot malfunctioning and report it for repair.


On this topic, we focused more on the identifying different consumables that must be replenished within a company and the following were identified such as Toner, Cartridge, Computer paper, Disks


There are different ways of learning how to use new technology in the office

  • Attending training workshops
  • Coaching by a friend, colleague or manager
  • Studying and following user manuals and other resources
  • We also taught clients, how to operate office equipment
  • Operating a photocopier
  • Operating a fax machine


If a job or task involves paperwork, filing must be done. Filing means keeping documents in a safe place and being able to find them easily and quickly. Documents that are cared for will not easily tear, get lost or dirty. It is always a pleasure when someone looks for something and can find it without difficulties. In SayPro organisations, we work in groups. We receive and send out documents on different subjects. We need to keep these documents for future reference. If these documents are not cared for, we cannot account for all SayPro organisational activities. Everyone who needs to use documents should know where to get them.

The training program has equipped SayPro youth skills on how perform assigned tasks within their working environments. Upon completion of the program, SayPro clients are able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding performing basic office duties.
  • Understand how to conduct themselves within a working environment.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of filing types and processes.
  • They are open to diversity and inclusivity within the workplace.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of office equipment operation.
  • Understand the reporting processes and structures within a working environment.

Computer PROGRAM

The need for computer skills increased during this reporting period, especially because the whole country was on lockdown and this led to an increase is the sues of computer systems and technology, unfortunately for underprivileged people life became hard during the national lockdown. SayPro viewed this as an opportunity to train recruit unemployed youth to register and enrol for Computer training where they were taken through series of four computer training modules: Introduction into computer, Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.

Running the program online made it relevant especially because SayPro beneficiaries needed the skills for various reasons, for others it was for them to acquire computer skills to help them search for jobs online, communicate work related messages and others had to help their children with e-learning and without the necessary skills it would be difficult, resulting in delayed progress for children to keep up with school lessons online. We are pleased to report that we managed to reach a total number 203 beneficiaries through SayPro online computer training program. We covered the following modules during training sessions.

Introduction to computer

Describe the components of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Describe the hardware components of a personal computer Describe software for individual computers, describe information networks concerning ICT and describe the design constraints in the design of instruction sets for computers.

Microsoft Word

Beneficiaries learned how to: Insert and delete sections within a document while maintaining document integrity, Insert, edit, and delete headers and footers within a document, facilitate online review of documents using comments and tracking changes, work with multiple documents, format documents, including text, paragraphs, and pages, create and edit columns in a document and merge documents.

Microsoft Excel

This module enabled them to use the powerful tools in Excel for organizing, visualizing, and calculating data.

Upon completion of this module, clients were able to, demonstrate an understanding of the principles of spreadsheets create, open and save spreadsheets, produce a spreadsheet from a given specification, apply simple built-in functions of the spreadsheet application to the given problem, use special effects to improve the presentation of the spreadsheet as well as load data from an external data source to produce a given spreadsheet result.

 Microsoft Outlook

Beneficiaries were taken through the process of registering an email account, and further using outlook, setting up the interface of an outlook. This module equipped clients with skills on how to manage an email, constructing, sending and responding to emails. A majority of SayPro beneficiaries wanted to gain the skills because more than 80% of their communication is done vie emails especially when talking to their customers or responding to work emails.

System Support

We managed to provide System Support training program to 179 beneficiaries for the period from 01/08/20202 – 31/01/2021 where they registered and enrolled for the programs online, learning different techniques and methods on how to safely use and maintain office equipment to fulfil assigned tasks as per their job descriptions within their respective working environment.

This program is playing a huge role in teaching people how to operate and maintain equipment to increase their working span. More than 90% of the country’s workforce had to work remotely including students in higher institutions and this meant that people needed skills to help them ensure that their equipment continue working, it’s shocking that people do now know that operating a laptop on a sleeping bed may result in the blockage in air circulation resulting in the equipment overheating and crashing.

During the program clients were taught how to operate and maintain office equipment such as Printers, Photocopiers, Scanners, Faxes, switchboards as well as laptops and computer.

Beneficiaries were also taught through these modules:

  • Business Environment for IT Research Techniques
  • Customer Support Managing IT Projects
  • Office Equipment Processes
  • Monitor and Consult with Maintenance Providers

After completing the program, SayPro youth have gained entry-level Systems Support professional skills with proper fundamental knowledge of the Information Technology field, coupled with interpersonal and business skills, allowing for specialisation in one of the following Systems Support fields:

In the completion of the activity, youth was able to: 

  • Demonstrate knowledge of techniques & skills needed in one or more of specialisation.
  • Select and use materials and equipment safely for technological purposes.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of several types of computer systems and the use of computer technology in business.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of problem-solving techniques and how to apply them in a technical environment.


SayPro provided 223 clients with an online Business Calculations training teaching them the basics of day-to-day recording of business transactions.

The program is critical in learner’s journeys to looking for jobs, most employers prefer jobseekers that have basic financial literacy to assist with day-to-day records and siling of receipts.

During this reporting period we have discovered that this program was relevant for most of the people that took their business online as it meant that most of them had to adjust their costing and rework their mark-up and prices to make sure that they continue making a profit rather than operating at a loss.

The need to conduct business online became frustrating for other especially those without an accounting background because they had to learn new ways of corresponding with clients and exchanging documentation such as quotes, invoices and receipts for many that are not familiar with digital system it meant increased operating expenses because they had to either buy a software or pay someone to do the jobs for them.

This program is for people interested in starting online business gain understanding of the actual costs associated with running an online business. We cover these topics on the online Business Calculations program:

  • Understanding Accounting and Types of financial statements
  • Income and Expenditure, Break-even Point as well Calculate profit.
  • Types of costs, Depreciation, and Invoicing
  • Double entry principles, Journaling and posting to General Ledger.
  • Taxes and Custom costs


SayPro introduced an online unit standard HIV/AIDS prevention program that offers a range of modules that are relevant and important for people within SayPro areas of operation. With the lockdown in place and people having so much time at their disposal, the chances of engaging in risky sexual behaviours increased and the other fear was on the increased on unplanned pregnancies thus increasing the financial strain on families that are already struggling to provide for themselves.

The program is implemented online and is made available to anyone interested in learning about sexual health and ways cope and live a healthy life even if you are infected with the virus. In teaching people about HIV/AIDS we are teaching people skills and techniques to prevent the virus and assisting those infected to access help and live a purposeful life rather than allowing the virus to grow and take over their lives.

This program started on the 01 October 2020 in partnership with three other partners, where SayPro’s focus is on training vulnerable youth on an NQF Level 3 HIV/AIDS prevention program During this reporting period we managed to train 580 beneficiaries and referred 142 for HIV testing and counselling as well 40 were further referred for a Gender Norms and Drug prevention program to SayPro implementing partners while 203 were referred internally for skills development programs.

Modules covered.

  • The way in which the Human Immune System works
  • HIV/AIDS and Its effects on the Human Immune System
  • The role of Sexually transmitted diseases in the transmission of the HIV Virus
  • Precautions used in SA to ensure that blood products are HIV free.
  • Elisa Test and the concept of Window Period.
  • Voluntary Counselling and Testing

Upon completion of this program, beneficiaries can make informed decisions as well as:

  • Practice safe sex.
  • Teach other about HIV/AIDS.
  • Safeguard themselves and their families.
  • Treat HIV infected people with love and care.
  • Demonstrate their understanding of risky sexual behaviours.
  • Get tested and receive counselling.
  • Make use of safety tools available to help the prevent HIV/AIDS

Performance Highlights

Southern Africay Youth Project has plan provides direction on how to run the organisation. We have diffent department such as General Manager, Administrator, Finance, Service Consultant, Programs, Strategic Partnership, Data Management, Monitor and Evaluation.

Monitoring and Evaluation takes place on a daily bases during working hours. In the process of monitoring meetings were held to ensure efficient and effectiveness of program implementation. The meetings were by means of Staff meeting, Health & Safety meeting, M&E, Investors, Programs, Placement, Lekgotla lame, Marketing, Advice & Referral meeting, and Administration to monitor departments and project during implementation.

During the monitoring, we were reviewing and evaluating reports and before uploading them to the online database system. Support Staff members to convey target numbers, during the process of monitoring we were able to identify and address problems as they arise. The process has taught me skills on which steps to take and resources to access work before and after the compliance. Monitor the actions that enable sustainability of the organisation.

We are proud of all the achievements of SayPro; this would not have been possible if it had not been for the tireless effort of the team. We have received positive feedback from the beneficiaries that have received services from SayPro centres.

Tsakani Rikhotoso

Project Coordinator

SayPRo’s Annual Stats

01. Beneficiaries serviced 1081
04. Beneficiaries who received proof of residency 3
05. Beneficiaries who get Child Support Grant 113
06. Beneficiaries who have an income 120
07. Beneficiaries who do not have an income 676
08. Beneficiaries who received referral services 705
09. Beneficiaries out of school who receives service 795
10. Beneficiaries in school who receives service 1
11. Beneficiaries who have results captured 1
12. Beneficiaries who have found opportunities 286
SA Advice and Referral 1049
SA Bookkeeping Accounting 223
A Cashier/Point of Sale 269
SA Computer Training 203
SA Customer Service 61
SA Daily Meals for Beneficiaries 122
SA Human Rights & GBV Awareness Campaigns 299
SA Life Skills 633
SA Programming 81
SA School Entrepreneurship (Sevissa) 0
SA System Support 179
SA Waiter 0
Skills Development 1125
Job 140

SayPro ’s placement partners.

Southern Africay Youth Project has managed to place beneficiaries in companies such as ALF, Bane grid, Bidvest, Boxer, Builders Warehouse, Burger King, Business, Business Park, Cambridge, Cashbuild, Catering, Checkers, Choppies, Clientele, Crèche/Pre-School, Debonaires, Deltamune, Department of Tourism, Diepsloot Combined School, Dischem, Ditshego, Domestic, Edgars, Fare Price, Fidelity, Graduate School of SA, Hair Salon, Help 2 Read, Hernops, Heron Bridge, Hope World Wide, IEC, Indaba Hotel, Intercape, Internet Café, Internship, Jet, Lanzeria Rental Agent, Learnership, Life Hospital, Liquor City, Logistic, Makro, Mangwanani, McDonalds, Money Funds Service, Monte Casino, OK Furniture, Pep Stores, Pharmacy, Power Factory, Quali Health, Youth who got jobs, SANCA, SAPS South African Police Service, DYP – SayPro, DYP (Pty) Ltd, Security, Sharon lea, Shell, Shoprite, Spaza, Stallion, Steers, Telkom, The Choice Pharmacy, Total, Township news, Witkoppen Clinic, Woolworths and Zubuntu Management.

“Southern Africay Youth Project  aims to empower the youth through up-skilling them to recognize and utilize the opportunities that are around. We do this by providing Information, Capacity Building and Job placement for unemployed youth.


SayPro uses Soweto Care System for Human Resource Management. The system (Soweto care System) enables SayPro to upload and retrieve documents by means of reports and stats such as CVs, ID, Qualification, we are able to amend the information as, and when we need to.

SayPro has employed 12 staff members that have skills needed to perform day-to-day tasks of the organisation, through their hard work we were able to change the lives of young people in townships of South Africa and the rest of the SADAG Region.

We also have SayPro own payroll system enables SayPro to create leave, summary report of staff payment, payslips, information about EMP201/501 and the payroll system has the full information of the organisation including organisation registration number, PAYE, UIF and SDL Number. SayPro comply with SARS by completing monthly employee’s declaration and Annually SARS return to issue employee’s SARS certificates. EMP201 return is captured every month when capturing payments for staff, EMP501 its done once a year. We also comply with U-filing for department of labour is done every month by capturing staff payroll and EMP201 return.

Our Human Resource management is guided by SayPro’s policy and procedures, which are followed by the employees and beneficiaries of the organisation. However, We are also guided by the Basic Condition of Employment Act 75 of 1997 and Occupational health & Safety Act 85 of 1993, and they are within SayPro centre and available for all personnel.

We are proud to have a committed team that work tirelessly towards ensuring transformation the lives of young people, women in particular.

Rebecca Maapola

HR & Admin Officer


COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown measures to curb the infection lowered uptake of the project.

 During this quarter South Africa had already moved to level 1 lockdown measures which meant that even though we could hold in-person training and discussion group, SayPro facilities could have not more than 50 clients per training room.

We resorted to having between 10 – 14 clients per session and held four sessions per day to adhere to COVID-19 regulations, while other accessed the programs from online.

. Load shedding disrupted access to training materials online for the trainers and beneficiaries.

At the beginning of 2020, South Africa Youth Project adopted a paperless system. While that is a noble cause, the ongoing national load shedding negatively impacted on SayPro ability to offer services to SayPro clients seamlessly.

In townships we incurred extra expenses of buying petrol for the generator. This happened over the 6 months period.

South Africa Youth Project has acquired a generator that we use whenever there is load shedding at SayPro centre, however, the generator only lasts for eight hours and often runs out in the afternoon which happens to be the peak hours when beneficiaries come to the centre for training.

  • High unemployment rates among South African youth which hindered their interest in the project.

 During the recruitment stage many potential clients indicated that they would be keen to be part of SayPro training program but with COVID-19, their biggest need was seeking for job opportunities as many wanted to be financially independent rise from poverty and overdependence on their male partners for support.

According to Statistics South Africa, unemployment in 2020 was at 28.48% with among young people especially young women hardest hit by the effects of COVID-19 on the economy.

The system made the process effective for SayPro because beneficiaries could access them from online.

Member’s Report

 The member has pleasure in submitting their report on the Annual Financial Statements of Southern Africay Youth Project  NPO for the ended 31 March 2021.

  1. Incorporation

 The company was incorporated on 30 March 2021 and obtained it’s certificate to commence business on the same day.

  1. Review of financial results and activities.

 The Annual Financial Statements have been prepaid following the International Financial Reporting Standard for Small and Mediums-sized Entities and the requirements of the Companies Act No, 71 of 2008. The accounting policies have been applied consistently compared to the prior.

Full details of the financial position, results of operations, and cash flows of the company are set out in these Annual Financial Statements.

  1. Members

The member in office at the date of this report are as follows:

  1. V,Malatjie
  2. Legodi
  3. R Maapola
  4. PHIRI
  5. Ndou

They have been no changes to the directorate for the period under review.

  1. Special resolution

 The company made no special resolutions, the nature of which might be significant to the member in their appreciation of the state of affairs of the company during the period covered by this report.

  1. Events after the reporting period.

The members are not aware of any material event, which occurred after the reporting date and up to the date of this report.

  1. Going concerns.

 The directors believe that the company has adequate financial resources to continue in operation for the near future and accordingly the Annual Financial Statements have been prepared on a going concern basis. The directors have satisfied have themselves that the company is in a sound financial position and that it has access to sufficient borrowing facilities to meet its foreseeable cash requirements. The directors are not aware of any new material changes that may adversely affect the company. The directors are also not aware of any material non-compliance with statutory or regulatory requirements or of any pending changes to legislation, which may affect the company.



Annual Financial Statement for the Year ended 31 March 2021

 Accounting Policies

  1. Presentation of Annual Financial Statements
  2. The Annual Financial Statements have been prepared following the International Financial Reporting Standard for Small and Medium-sized Entities, and the Companies Act No. 71 of 2008. The Annual Financial Statements have been prepared on the historical cost basis, and incorporate the principal accounting policies set out below. They are presented in South African Rands.

These accounting policies are consistent with the previous period.

  • Financial instruments

 Initial measurement

 The financial instrument is initially measured at the transaction price(including transaction costs except in the initial measurement of financial assets and liabilities that are measured at fair value through profit or loss unless the arrangement constitutes, in effect, a financing transaction in which case it is measured at the present value of the future payments discounted at a market rate of interest for a similar debt instrument.

Financial instruments at cost

 Commitments to receive a loan are measured at cost less impairment.

Financial instruments at fair value

 All other financial instruments, including equity instruments that are publicly traded or whose fair value can otherwise be measured reliably, are measured at fair value through profit and loss.

  • Leases

 A lease is classified as a finance lease if it transfers substantially all the risks and rewards incidental to ownership to the lessee. All other leases are operating leases.

Operating leases-lessee

 Operating lease payments are recognized as an expense on a straight basis over the lease term unless:

-Another systematic basis is a representation of the time pattern of the benefits from the leased asset, even if the payment is not on that basis, or

– the payments are structured to increase in line with expected general inflation (based on published indexes or statistics) to compensate for the lessor’s expected inflationary cost increases.

Any contingent rents are expensed in the period they are incurred.

  • Employee benefits

 Short-term employee benefits.

The cost of short-term employee benefits, (those payable within  12 months after the services are rendered, such as leave pay and sick leave, bonuses, and non-monetary benefits such as medical care), are recognized in the period in which the services is rendered and not discounted.




 The directors believe that the company has adequate financial resources to continue in operation for the near future and accordingly, the Annual Financial Statements have been prepared on a going concern basis. The directors have satisfied themselves that the company is in a sound financial position and that it has access to enough borrowing facilities to meet its foreseeable cash requirements. The directors are not aware of any new material changes that may adversely affect the company. The directors are also not aware of any material noncompliance with statutory or regulatory requirements or of any pending changes to legislation, which may affect the company.


Southern Africay Youth Project has an independent board of advisors and policies in place to ensure continuous compliance and effecting financial management. We are proud to announce that we are compliant and in good standing at all levels of the organization.


Southern Africay Youth Project has officially become a global institution that transforms the lives of the youth with South Africa.



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