Why Addressing Youth unemployment

Southern Africa Youth Project has adopted a model to place over 100 000 unemployed youth in rural areas and communities.

It is our vision to change the way Youth think about themselves and their families. Therefore through this exit strategy we ensure that we leave our beneficiaries with an everlasting legacy 


Southern Africa Youth Project understands and has realized the youth needs to address the lack of employment in South Africa and Southern Africa as a whole.

Using rapid market analysis to identify potential in Health, Education, Wholesale, Retail, Hospitality and Tourism Sector.

Southern Africa has a growing population. Therefore, 60% of the population is Youth under the age of 35 years old. With such growing population, we see more and more youth entering the job market seeking employment opportunities every year, 35% after completing high school finds themselves getting jobs/employment within the first three months of completing secondary school. Also we see 15% of university graduates gets employment or jobs opportunities.

In this regard Females/Women/Girls are the ones who gets opportunity in high numbers. The reason for such is that:

  • They always seek opportunities.
  • They have a huge desire to learn and grow
  • Some have children they have a huge need to generate income to support their children

This has created a need for Southern Africa Youth Project to seek opportunities to address such needs for the Youth to ensure that they are never left hopeless.

Addressing Youth Unemployment, it is Southern Africa Youth Project exit strategy for the Youth who access opportunities in the organisation. Therefore, we are proud to have introduced this project as it leaves the Youth with something sustainable and where they are able to support themselves and their families.

To partner on this Strategy

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Nancy Nghonyama
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Southern Africa Youth Project believes in strategic partnership. In order for us to achieve this strategy we consider multiple partnerships such as 

– Government 

– Recruitment Agencies 

– Training Partners 

– Corporates 

– Funders/donors 

become one to help us achieve our goal

Fighting poverty through creating opportunities for Youth to access Jobs and Educational Opportunities

We do not just link them to jobs, we give them a solid foundation by giving them valuable skills that they can use for their growth and sustainability

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