We received accreditation with MICT SETA

We have received our accreditation with MICT SETA to offer Information Technology Qualifications.

Southern Africa Youth Project is now accredited and registered training provider with the Media Information Communication Technology SETA in South Africa.

Our accreditation with the Southern Africa Youth Project includes:


Programming has now become a norm as the world is moving to online. The demand for web designers and web developers is an immense one and needs to be looked at. Southern Africa Youth Project provides training for people interested in doing Computer Programming uses different coding languages including the famous WordPress Language.

Web Design

If you are interested in Web Design. Remember this is the number one required skill in Africa at the moment. If you know how to design websites you stand a chance to creating more platforms and tools which can be used by organisations and individuals. Everyone is using a website to communicate the service they offer in communities.

eCommerce Websites

The world is moving so fast. The demand and supply of products in rural areas and cities is now a talk of the past. Shops are going to close down and people will buy products, food and things directly from their mobile phones. They will need them to be delivered immediately or within 7 days. Our accredited programme in eCommerce Website Development ensures that you get a chance to create the best websites on earth that can be used by organisations and individuals.

Business Analysis

Our work in Business Analysis provides you with the skills to know and understand how the business works and how to run the business. As a Business Analysis Certified with Southern Africa Youth Project you will be able to manage, run and analyse the business operations.

Software Testing

Software Testing means that you will be able to learn how to develop a website and test them with real users using Google App Store or Apple App Store.

Partner with Southern Africa Youth Project on the above-accredited programmes by sending an email to info@southernafricayouth.org

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