2008: Neftaly Malatjie passed Grade 12 and could not further his studies. However, he obtained a photography, journalism and computer training course through a local non-profit organization. He then went to an organization called SANCA. where he saw an empty space that was not utilized. Neftaly requested SANCA if they can give him space. Sanca was so excited that they also offered Neftaly Malatjie R1 000 or $82 per month. Neftaly Malatjie used this income to support DIepsloot Youth Project now known as Southern Africa Youth Project. Out of the income, he got he established things such as beadwork, craft, pottery and could support the afternoon care program. This means that Neftaly Malatjie used his savings to support the organization.

2007: Neftaly Malatjie at 16 years had passed to Grade 12 where he had to focus more on obtaining better marks. That did not stop him from continuing with the group. The group continued performing at Rabasotho Combined School. The group now changed members who were between 18 and 23 years at that time. Neftaly Malatjie enjoyed their attention where they obeyed his leadership. However, some school learners mocked him for keeping these girls busy at the school.

Rabasotho Combined School

2006: The group grew from 10 members to 60 members and Neftaly had to add other young volunteers to serve as the administration

  • Founded by Neftaly Malatjie at the age of 14 Years
  • Founded as Diepsloot Youth Arts and Culture Project
  • Worked with 10 Girls and Boys between ages 10 – 16 Years
  • Founded during School Holidays
  • Operating at Sanca Diepsloot

Southern Africa Youth Project history stands as follows:

2008: Neftaly Malatjie had met with several out of school youth, parents and the elderly and one of the things they have expressed is an interest in adult school. However, Neftaly Malatjie went beyond this and he then established a computer class through computers which were donated to him as second hand. Neftaly received 20 computers from government and luckily only 9 worked which he established the computer training class. When the class was running Neftaly Malatjie was informed that if you run a school that is not accredited you may be arrested. Neftaly Malatjie went on to acquire accreditation which took him from 2008 – 2014 and he has spent over R250 000 trying to acquire such accreditation. He was robbed by several people who promised him that they will assist him which they did not

2009: Neftaly Malatjie was told about registering as a non-profit organization. He then applied for registration in the same year Diepsloot Youth Arts and Culture Project was registered as a non-profit organization with Department of Social Development and later it was registered with South African Revenue Service SARS as a public benefit tax-exempt institution.

2010: Diepsloot Youth Arts and Culture Project now Southern Africa Youth Project introduced programs in arts and crafts which included beadworks, pottery, craftworks, drama, dance, and Poetry. Received an award from Shoprite Community Network and won R10 000

2011: DIepsloot Youth Arts Culture Project was changed to Diepsloot Youth Projects focused more on crafts, drama, dance, computer training

2012: 2014: Diepsloot Youth Project changed its logo from the drums to using hands and now it was focusing more on crafts, drama, dance, computer training, and sewing

2014: Daveyton branch (Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa) was established

2015 – 2016: Diepsloot Youth Project was changed to Southern Africa Youth Project focusing more on poverty to jobs model offering advice, referral services, computer training, beadworks, crafts, carpentry training. Southern Africa Youth Project was registered as a Non Profit company

2016: Atok branch (Sekhukhune, Limpopo, South Africa) was adopted and changed to Southern Africa Youth Project

2017: We revised the Poverty2Jobs where the programs were structured to enable girls to use technology for their advancement. Where our focus is on providing educational support for the girl child, capacity building for the unemployed youth and linking unemployed youth to jobs and opportunities. Southern Africa Youth Project rebranded as an international organization. Where our operations are to be in South Africa and beyond borders