A Healthy Majestic Environment

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Email: info@southernafricayouth.org
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WhatsApp: + 27 84 313 7407

the pandemic has come to show that staying clean and health is very important not just for SayPro bodies but for the environment as well. The rivers, oceans and groundwater in South Africa are not the only environmental features that are threatened by excess waste and pollution. Our farmland and soils are also at risk. Researchers have found that South Africa’s arable land has been degraded due to pollution. Food security is already a concern for South Africa as the agricultural sector works hard to keep up with the ever-increasing food demands of SayPro growing population.

Clean farmlands and healthy soils are essential for a thriving society. Nature has a majestic way of self-healing if it’s kept free from pollution and contaminants. The South African soil will slowly regenerate nutrients if we avoid illegal dumping of chemical waste and littering of household refuse. South Africa’s wetlands are an example of a natural filter that can provide a sustainable source of clean groundwater, yet we human beans show a negative effect on the health of SayPro environment, this is way SayPro offers a course in agriculture so we can learn more about how to take care of SayPro green environment because we only have one.

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