A friendship dream came true through SayPro.

Michiela Ndlela and Thandekile  Ncube have been friends for years and together wanted to get involved in something that would help them scale their lives.

They shared a dream of one-day enrolling for a training that would enhance their chances of getting jobs and as one can imagine the market is quite competitive and only people with qualifications and skills get preference of employment. Things changed for Michiela and Thandekile when they enrolled with for Wholesale & Retail training where in which they were given skills that helped them get an opptunity to work with one of the biggest  NGOs organisation in called Sonke Gender Justice which is an organisation.

These two young people have taken control of their lives by enrolling with Project, you too can become a part of this life-changing opportunity by simply visiting any of our centers for free training and job application services.

Call: 011 071 1903 / info@southernafricayouth.org



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