A brief introduction into one of our programming languages “JAVA”.

App development falls under the critical skills list in South Africa. As one of the sub-sectors in IT app development has become a need more than a luxury. Image a life where you had a phone that can only make and receive calls, its an imaginable right?

App short for application a computer software that enables a user to accomplish a certain task, communicate, educate and etc. With java as the high sort after languages Greenfoot was developed as an educational IDE which will teach high school and college first year students the basics and syntax of java. It offers 2D graphical user interface where learners create real moving objects, yes it means first day they will see something on the screen. Interesting right ?

So with Greenfoot you can develop games , simulation to teach STEM education and develop apps. Starting them early is the winning formula for critical thinking and innovation. We host workshops in App development for High school learners and Teachers who teach computer science, math and science. Tech Savvy belief in the African child to be empowered and compete in the Techvolution.

SayPro is “changing the way young people think about themselves” through a Tech-base skills programs.

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