School Teacher HIV Awareness

In Africa, many teachers die early due to HIV/AIDS. Southern Africa Youth Project has launched the School Teacher HIV Awareness to create awareness for the teachers.

A study conducted in more than 400 high schools. We have confirmed the following data on School HIV Awareness:

  • Teachers have sex with School Learners: School Teachers and Principals have confirmed to Southern Africa Youth Project that more than 50% of male teachers have had sex with school learners. Thus Principals have dismissed many teachers on the cases that they have impregnated multiple learners.
  • Teachers are buried after dying of HIV/AIDS: The School principals have confirmed to burying some of their teachers who have died of the disease and they also confirmed that some teachers die after 5 years of working at the schools.
  • Teachers have sex with school learners to give learners marks in exchange for Sex: Teachers have confirmed having sex with learners. This meant that if a girl or a boy sleeps with the teacher will get better marks and pass to another grade.
  • Teachers have threatened learners to have sex threatening them not to give them a pass: Teachers have threatened learners to have sex with them forcefully if not they then make a learner fail. Despite how hard-working the learner is.
  • Teachers have sex with other Teachers: Teachers have confirmed that they have had sex with other teachers during conferences, seminars and school trips. Most have confirmed that the sex was unprotected. Others confirmed to have contracted Sexual Transmitted Infections.
  • The teacher confirmed to have multiple partners: Teachers have confirmed to have had multiple sexes with many teachers. On average a teacher can have sex with 3 school learners, 4 teachers and also be having other 2 sexual partners out of the school. Mostly have confirmed to know their status and they want to transmit it before they die.
  • Teachers confirmed not using condoms with learners: The majority of the interviewed teachers have confirmed to have not used a condom with other teachers. Those who know their HIV status have confirmed that they will transmit it to others. They will not die alone.
  • Teachers confirmed confirmed that they transmitted the disease to learners so that they do not die alone: This has been the case in all the teachers that have been interviewed by Southern Africa Youth Project.

Overall we have found out that there is regret from so many as they do know about HIV/AIDS but they did not know the risks and that it would affect them to this stage.

This has led to Southern Africa Youth Project to introduce the Teachers HIV/AIDS Programme.

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