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Southern Africa Youth Project realises that the quality and success of staffing and relate staff development, fundamental to the quality and success of the Southern Africa Youth Project. Therefore, Southern Africa Youth Project implement procedures for Staff Selection, Appraisal and Development, which include requirements for recruitment, selection, appointment, promotion, and termination of services. Southern Africa Youth Project ensure that the structure, level, and type of staffing appropriate for the Youth Development Interventions provide.

Competencies require of all staff to contribute to the organisation’s objectives and do their jobs effectively identify and reflected in Job Descriptions and recruitment, selection, and job allocation practices. All jobs Programme Type and Short programmes-base job descriptions.

All newly recruited staff go through an induction process.

Staff assigned to specific activities and tasks base on  competent about their roles and responsibilities, i.e. to manage and carry out all aspects of the Southern Africa Youth Project operations and to meet the demands of Contracts and the number of beneficiaries enrolled. Specific activities, tasks and roles and responsibilities include and describe in Southern Africa Youth Project Quality Systems Procedures.

Competency determine base on applicable education, training and programmes, skill, and experience.

Team and individual training and programmes and development needs regularly reviewed and analyse, and funding made available for identified staff training and programme’s requirements. Own action plans constructed for all staff and consider prior achievement, identify goals and development needs, and describe agree arrangements for meeting those needs.

Staff encourage to gain further Programmes and Qualifications, particularly as assessors and moderators. Management responsibilities for staffing allocate, and evidence of systematic review of staffing arrangements maintain.

Southern Africa Youth Project maintain comprehensive records of education, training and programmes, Programmes and Qualifications, skill, and experience for all full time and, part-time and contract staff.


Staff Performance Evaluation System

Southern Africa Youth Project supports the development and other performance management systems for facilitator and administrative staff. For Staff and Facilitators, the construction conducted using regular meetings and product briefings. Staff and Facilitators expect to comply with the staff selection requirements, of which continuous professional development is one.

Administrative staff development conduct informally using a mentoring approach by management. Performance management conduct using job descriptions that Programme Type and Short programmes base. management of performance conduct using the Performance Management System, which is publishes separately. Each job description consists of Key Performance Areas and the total number of creates. During the cause of the year, every staff member expects to have a written “do-sheet” that update by the staff member every two weeks. It is the responsibility of a staff member to develop, maintain and report on progress against the “do- sheet”. Evaluation of performance is conduct by measuring staff activity against these activities and aligns such to creates. Every staff member is measure by his or her supervisor.

 Staff and Facilitators expect to display evidence of competency for the various subjects that they are facilitating. These reflect extensive reading in the subject area and current and include information that is up to date. A lack of interest in aspect of the work serve as a clear indication of the lack of effort and enthusiasm that the facilitator has in his/her subject and immediately give rise to further investigation.

For further information regarding the performance of a facilitator, beneficiaries complete a Course Evaluation Form at the end of every session, and then given to the project manager, who identify problems. The evaluation forms make provision for active and normative measurement of Beneficiary satisfaction using the Beneficiary satisfaction index that scores points for a facilitator. These evaluation forms fill in by beneficiaries as there can no fear of retribution or victimization as they anonymous. A facilitator expects to maintain 85% average on Beneficiary satisfaction.

From time to time, in the complete and total discretion of The Chief Executive Officer, a staff member may pay a bonus for exceptional service. bonus is not an entitlement and Southern Africa Youth Project by no means bound themselves to the payment of bonuses. Any bonus discuss with an employee may, in the discretion of the Southern Africa Youth Project, cancel if The Chief Executive Officer so deems it fit. The company reserves the right to offset such bonuses paid, against any leave not taken by a staff member. Where a staff member resigns and requests untaken leave to paid, the Southern Africa Youth Project offset any such claims against bonuses paid before such untaken leave paid out.

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