Diepsloot Youth Dance Festival Event

Diepsloot Youth Dance Festival Event
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The Diepsloot Youth Festival is an annual event which is hosted in the community of Diepsloot since 2009.

Annual Southern Africa Youth Project invites international volunteers from the United Kingdom, Lithuania, Vietnam, Italy, Peru, Brazil, United States of America, Israel and South Africa to come and volunteer in the preparation and management of the event.

This event is attended by over 1 000 children and youth from the communities of Bryanston, Diepsloot, Cosmo City, Zandspruit, Pretoria, Randburg, Fourways, Soweto, Alexandra, Soweto.

Annually there is an award is given in the form of cash, trophy and other in-kind awards. The trophy has to be returned back to Southern Africa Youth Project a week before the next Diepsloot Youth Dance Festival.

The event is jointly supported by the corporates, government, community-based organisations and international partners such as united nations on culture.

In this event, we see lots of youth from different cultures, races, religions and traditions showcasing their skills in different ways. In this event, a series of workshops, excursions and sessions are held to train group leaders on formalising, managing and coordinating their institutions as formal structures other than groups.

Southern Africa Youth Project invites companies, government, donors, foundations and funders to provide support of this initiative.

Please send an email to or call + 27 (0) 11 071 1903

Southern Africa Youth Project is a Youth development Non-profit Organisation which was founded in 2005 to empower communities through upskilling them to recognise and utilise the opportunities that are around them.

Southern Africa Youth Project works with unemployed Youth from poverty-stricken townships and rural areas of Southern Africa. Providing them with:

  1. Digital Technology Skills: Southern Africa Youth Project through its innovation hubs and development centres provides Technology Digital Skills such as Coding and Programming, web development, office-related programs which will enable them to access jobs and opportunities in the markets.
  2. Volunteer, Visitor and Tourist Management Unit: Our tourism unit provides tourists across the world to visit our countries and community development centres. Tourists do not only see the beauty of lands but also gets a chance to help the communities in need.
  3. Life Skills and Work Readiness: Southern Africa Youth Project provides work readiness activities that prepare the Youth for getting jobs, handling themselves at work and for them to transition between tasks and opportunities.
  4. Mental Wellness Program: Southern Africa Youth Project understands that Technology and Education cannot remain attained if our Youth are not mentally well. Southern Africa Youth Project refers unemployed youth to health support to the Youth through delivering HIV/AIDS, gender-based violence, Human Rights, Sexual Reproductive and Psychosocial Support to ensure that unemployed Youth performs well in Technology, Education and Employment.
  5. Small Business and Non-profit support unit: Our SME Division is dedicated to supporting small businesses to focus on business whilst we sort out their administration. SMEs attend training, support, bookkeeping, compliance, taxation is conducted on their behalf so that they can focus on creating jobs.
  6. Exiting into the Economy: Southern Africa Youth Project links unemployed Youth to opportunities as an exit strategy. They include learnerships, internships, apprenticeships, bursaries, and further education, temporary and permanent employment or job opportunities.

Southern Africa Youth Project is led by a Board of Advisors, Trustees, Directors, Executive Management, Senior Management, Junior Management and volunteers who provide leadership to the organisation.

The organisation has worked with unemployed youth in South Africa and Southern Africa, affecting over 50 000 unemployed Youth in townships and rural areas. The number includes 85% of females and 15%, male.

Southern Africa Youth Project has changed the lives of the Youth find all the stories and impact at

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